Low cost, high value bulk SMS services

With our price match promise you can send and receive low cost messages online using our award winning SMS solutions

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Send personalised, interactive messages

Whether you’re sending one message or hundreds of thousands – you can easily schedule and send personalised SMS with our online platform. Messages can include any digital content, such as trackable links, attachments, or mobile web pages and forms. You can also include unique redeemable codes in the form of SMS tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards.

Receive text messages online

SMS is not just a one-way medium, you can receive them too. Customers can text a keyword on a short number to opt-in to your messages, and you can hold two-way text conversations on our online platform using an 11-digit virtual number.

You can automatically reply to any inbound message with digital content, or forward it to an email address, website or any other mobile number.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Integrate with our free SMS API

Developers can connect the Messenger API to everyday business tools to send and receive SMS and capture information.

The well documented, free of charge API is simple for developers to use, and can integrate with any other application. We also offer simple integrations that non-developers can configure. Email to SMS is the solution for users who want to send and receive SMS via their email system, and comes with a number of usability features such as signature trimming and password protection.

Our online platform is the highly flexible way to send thousands of messages to anywhere in the world, in seconds. The platform is hosted in a secure and robust data centre and we partner with premium networks to ensure the most reliable service for your messages.

We offer a secure online service that you can access as a self-serve platform. For automated sending, we support a number of integrations, such as email to SMS, SMPP and SFTP, as well as an API that can connect to any other online platform. We also provide managed services for outsourced SMS management.